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Beer Pong & Beer Pong Free for iPhone, iPad, Adnroid, and Tablet

With a realistic 3D environment and true to life world physics this beer pong game gives you a pong experience like no other on the market. Not to mention full game statistics, online leader boards, Real Online MultiPlayer with in-game chat, lobby chat, match creation, table selection, and much more.


Single Player option has 10 different AI Levels.

Available options & amenities include:
* New Tables To Choose From!

- 3 in-game music selections
- Tracer On/off
- Auto Upload HighScore
- Custom Profile
- Graphic Quality Settings for better performance
- 3 Game Modes
- Full Statistics
- Online Leader Boards (local & world)

- Table Selection
- Pass and Play (on one device)
- Online (requires cell connection or WiFi)
- Multiple rooms
- Multiple Games
- In Game Chat
- Match Making
- Room Chat
- PM Chat

Coming Soon
- Multiple Locations to Select from!
- Online Store to buy Beer Pong Tables / Balls / Cups right on your phone
- Much More...

Corey Ledin Games proudly brings you Beer Pong!

::Game Modes / Options::
:1 Player: :2 Player:

10 Cup / 6 Cup Rebuttal
10 Cup / 3 Cup Rebuttal
6 Cup / 3 Cup Rebuttal

Difficulty 1-10 (1 Player)
-Each Level is a different opponent (ex. Corey : Level 10)

-Three Tracks to pick from including the original music

Tracer (guide)
-on (easier!!!)
-off (Very Hard)

-Each player gets there own stats sheet
-after every game (current game stats displayed)
-erase all option

Player Names
-ability to change to who is playing

Re Racking!
-When it is available (button appears)

Swatting (blocking)
-Swat a oncoming bounce shot by moving your finger over the ball. (1 player only)

The more you drink the more you sway and tilt along with screen darkening

::How To Play::
// Game Play //

::Throwing the beer pong ball::
-Touch your iPad/iPhone screen and hold. (Alternative try two fingers)
-You will then see a transparent ball and a power bar to its right.
-Move your finger around the screen to change your shot location.
-Hold your finger down until you achieve the desired strength.
-If the tracer is turned on use this as a guide.
-Turn off the tracer to make the game harder!
-Then release your finger to throw the ball.

::Tracer (guide)::
:Color Indications:
-Red | Off Table
-Yellow | Will Hit/Bounce off Table
-Green | Will Hit Cup
-Blue | Going in!

-Press the rerack button on the upper left when available.

::Pull a Cup::
-When directed tap on a cup to pull it.

::Lob Shot::
-Use less power and aim higher.

::Swatting the ball on a bounce::
-Drag your finger across the ball to swat it away!

::Throw Shot::
-Use more power and aim lower.

::Bounce Shot::
-Aim for the table to bounce the ball into a cup. You will be able remove a second cup if you are successful. (tricky)

::Great Shot::
-The ball went into the beer without touching the cup."

::Excellent Shot::
-The ball bounced into the beer without touching the cup.

-The more cups your drink the more your view will sway and tilt along with slight tunnel vision.

The Update Everyone Has Been Waiting For!
New Online MultiPlayer System
Choose Your Table
New Tables!
In Game Chat
Match Making
Room Chat
PM Chat
Overall Better Performance
Menu Buttons easier to use

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  May 25, 2011
iPhone & iPad Update currently in review.. waiting for approval. This version will include the new Multiplayer System seen on the Android. This means you will be able to play your fellow iPhone & Android friends! This version also includes Table selection and much more.
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